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Restaurant Duct Repairs

The only smells that should be lingering in the kitchen of your restaurant are the aromas of the day’s specials. Issues with the mechanical part of your commercial kitchen vent hood can lead to the build-up of smoke and grease, which ruin the clean professional setting a restaurant should have. By performing restaurant duct repairs immediately it starts to act up, you can keep your kitchen smelling and looking fresh. The clearest indication that your vent hood or duct is failing is the buildup of smoke. Any number of issues could be preventing the proper ventilation including a foreign object lodged in the blower motor or a broken fan blade.


When an exhaust fan motor begins humming or making other loud noises while in operation, something might be stuck in the blower wheel housing. Other components may also be worn out and in need of replacing. If there is an electrical issue, the control board may cause certain components of the vent hood to fail. If you require restaurant duct repairs or hood repairs services immediately, count on T H Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service to deliver without fail. Our technicians have years of experience dealing with different faults and can easily identify and fix any issues.


Apart from repairs, regular restaurant exhaust cleaning is also an absolute necessity to ensure things are sanitary and safe. We provide complete power steaming and cleaning for the ventilation or hood ducts throughout the kitchen. All of our services from duct cleaning to hood installation including maintenance, repair, and installation come with a warranty guarantee. We stand by the quality of our workmanship. For years, we have provided quality services at competitive prices to the West Palm Beach, FL area. Don’t trust just anyone around West Palm Beach with your restaurant duct repairs and cleaning needs, call us today for more information about the services we provide.

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