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Commercial Hood Cleaning

Cooking in commercial kitchens typically generates airborne, steam, carbon and grease, which can condense on the inner walls of the ventilation duct. Regular commercial hood cleaning is a critical defense against fires in your establishment. Well maintained systems greatly reduce the likelihood of fires spreading throughout the kitchen. Additionally, a well-maintained system results in an enhanced sanitary image, improved health standards, improved ventilation for customer comfort, compliance with health and fire codes, and increased energy savings. As a certified commercial hood and duct cleaning company, we are in the best position to help.


Not only does T H Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service clean your system, but we will also inspect it and certify that your business is in code compliance for any health or fire inspections. Constant maintenance of the kitchen exhaust systems is a critical defense against fire hazards. Our professional commercial hood cleaning techniques involve cleaning every component and duct work in the kitchen exhaust system. We are also capable performing commercial duct repairs if they are needed. Cleaning the whole system allows us to inspect for potential system blockage while visually confirming that the dampers and louver are in peak working condition.


Around Fort Lauderdale, we are your number one source for commercial hood cleaning and repairs. Our cleaning process is clean and safe for the environment and we manage to remove carbon deposits and grease from your duct work without compromising the equipment in your kitchen. All our commercial hood cleaning services are done at the most convenient times to ensure that there is minimal interruption to your business operations. T H Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service will give your business a full-service report and a certificate that acts as evidence that the appropriate steps were taken to help minimize any fire or health risks. We constantly strive to provide the most reliable commercial duct repairs and cleaning services in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Call us today to learn more about the services we offer.

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