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What should you look for in a qualified commercial duct cleaning and commercial duct repairs company? The answer is simple - service, training, and equipment. In our opinion, a company’s primary service should be kitchen cleaning, rather than carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or even bathroom cleaning. Our equipment, cleaning process, and training are all very different for each cleaning service. We always have a restaurant duct cleaning technician on the job to clean out your ducts and for restaurant duct repairs.


Because most restaurant fires start in the kitchen, a high-quality, regular, and complete cleaning of your exhaust system is of utmost importance. T H Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service is the company to trust with all of your duct cleaning needs. Our professional, timely, courteous, and well-trained team members have certifications and follow all local and national fire guidelines to ensure a quality, safe, and spotless experience for you.  


Are you worried about your deteriorated, rusty duct work? What if the mold in the air ducts and underground ductwork accumulates? We would be worried about this, as well. Our duct armor is a superior alternative to expensive, time-consuming, traditional methods. We offer you an affordable, hassle-free, and safe solution for any damaged, underground ductwork when it comes to restaurant duct cleaning, restaurant hood duct cleaning, or kitchen exhaust cleaning.


T H Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service has locations in five cities for your convenience, including Pompano Beach and Boca Raton. We hope that you stop by and allow us to be of service to you today!  

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